New Wings Bring In New Changes

Summer has come and gone with changes following close behind. This year the winds of fall that follow not only make the start of autumn known, but also bring new improvements and changes to Temple City Voice.

Created by former Temple City High School Student, then senior Matthew Wong, the Temple City Voice still has the same goal since its inauguration: elimination of community apathy. And while the Voice continues to do so, dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the community with determination and purpose, some old faces remain while others must part ways.

This year, one of the changes coming to the Voice will be the departure of Aaron Liong, the current Assistant Editor-In-Chief. “[Aaron] will be leaving for college at the end of the month,” states Wong. “He served the position of Assistant Editor-In-Chief well. I wish him the best as he heads to college.”

Soon to be taking over as the new Assistant Editor-In-Chief will be Margaret Thi, current staff writer. “I hope to expand our audience, though this is will be a challenge because last year I was only a staff writer,” says Thi. “Now I have more responsibilities but I’m willing to work diligently with our new staff members to improve TC Voice.”

One out of the many reasons the Voice chose her for this position is due to her ability to perform up to its standards. “Margaret has served with the Voice since it was first started,” explains Wong, adding his support of the decision. “I believe she is not only capable but qualified to succeed the current Assistant Editor-In-Chief.”

Apart from the change of a new Assistant Editor-In-Chief, new faces will be joining the Voice as the year progresses. “This year’s staff is definitely stronger then the staff we had last year. We have more students eager to serve the community,” declares Wong. “I am confident that the new staff will continue to make the Temple City Voice proud.”

This article was written by Angie Yeh. It was published in the Temple City Voice on September 12, 2007.


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