Temple City Rocks Out With The High Strung

Loud, intense rock music reverberated from Temple City Park on Thursday, August 16th, 2007. The Temple City Library was sponsoring a free rock concert for teenagers to show that the library is a cool place. Playing at the concert was the High Strung, a band who has been touring libraries all over the country.

It is important for more students to be aware that the library isn’t just a place for reading. It has video games, movies, book clubs, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities. “We’re really excited to host this concert because it’s the first time this library ever tried anything like this and I hope everyone shows up,” says Joshua Irwin, the teen librarian.

The band played with a lot of enthusiasm and their commentary between songs was very humorous. The songs they played were very unique and easy for teenagers to relate to. A good example is “Meal Ticket”, which is about geeks being a constant meal ticket for bullies who take their lunch money. Another fun song is “Gentlemen” in which the jealous narrator wishes to be one in order to attract more ladies.

After an hour of playing their own songs, the High Strung did an interactive activity with the audience. The band members passed out random library books and asked the listeners to pick one line from each book to serve as lyrics for a song. The results were hilarious. “No, Pudge. It’s party time…” and “BAND GEEKS ARE FINALLY COOL!” were only two of the silly lines that were chosen as lyrics.

Members of the crowd were picked to be percussionists and singers. The makeshift band of volunteers were given the name, Mosaic, and the song was titled “Randomness.” Everyone who attended the concert found it very fun and enjoyable. The end result was marvelous and the song was a smashing success.

The High Strung sent emails to14,000 libraries in America asking if they would like a rock concert. Only 32 libraries responded saying yes making Temple City Library part of the .22%. To quote the High Strung’s lead singer, Josh Malerman, our library “has some wild librarians.”

This article was written by Christine Keung. It will be published in the Temple City Voice on September 12, 2007.


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