Students Volunteer To Clean Up Local Beach

Students woke up at the peak of dawn headed to a beach clean-up held at Long Beach by Temple City High School’s Environmental Club on August 9, 2007.

Catching the metro destined for the Alamito beach shores, members of the club aimed to help remove litter from the beach and attempted to encourage other visitors to assist them.

Some individuals held trash bags for others to deposit litter found along the beach shoreline. Collecting empty chip bags, smashed bottles, and various kinds of debris left behind by careless guests, students equipped with gloves are sent to range through the sand.

“The beach is like a human being,” says TCHS Senior, Victor Lu, “you need to like take care of it so that it’ll stay alive.”

The Environmental Club is an organization created by Temple City High School students who are interested in ways to preserve and protect the environment. The club has previously held clean-up projects at the high school and other locations within Temple City such as Live Oak Park.

Initially carefree in its effort and kept calm by the boisterous cheer of team leaders, the group grew tired after hours of the tedious nature of the activity and was demanding a break.

Even as students were attempting to pick the beach spotlessly clean, a thick brown wave would occasionally wash waste onto the beach shores. Also, young children unable to locate a trash barrel would toss their juice boxes into the sand.

Still one TCHS student was not discouraged by this seemingly hopeless expedition, “…compared to the amount of trash on all beaches, the amount we can clean up may not seem like much, but our efforts are not in vain,” said incoming Sophomore Michelle Tsui.

Although few of the other tourists did join the Environmental Club in its efforts, some have decided to instead walk those extra hundred yards to the nearest bin rather than heap their trash on the ground.

When the sun finally began to fall over the western coastline, the Environmental Club decided to head back to Temple City. The members of the party then tore off their gloves, put on their sandals, and started heading toward their rides that would bring them home. The team returned sore, tired, and red with sunburn.


This article was written Martin Mao. It was published in the September 5, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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