District Submits Plans For Emperor Classrooms

At the June 6th, 2007 Board of Education Meeting, Chief Business Official David Jaynes gave an update on the Emperor Elementary replacement situation to the Board of Education.

Jaynes confirmed that designs for a five-classroom structure to replace the burned classrooms have been submitted to the Division of State Architect. The designs were submitted on May 8th, 2007 and approval could take about six months.

In January 2006, classrooms were burned at Emperor Elementary school. Recently, ATE Environmental, Inc. completed demolition of the fire-damaged classroom structure.

The District has estimated a total cost of $3.1 million dollars for the building. The District insurance company has only covered $1.5 million dollars. In the face of escalating construction costs, the TCUSD will continue to negotiate with the insurance company on “an acceptable offer for replacement costs.”

Construction is slated to begin in February 2008. Students will probably occupy the structure the following school year.

The re-building of the Emperor classrooms caused controversy among Board members in the Fall 2006.

In September 2006, Board Members Robert McKendrick and Matt Smith voted against a five-classroom proposal. One Board meeting later, a motion was made to reconsider an earlier decision regarding Emperor’s replacement classrooms, drawing concerned teachers, administrators, and parents.

At that meeting, Temple City High School English teacher Ryan Hoague suggested that the District keep the plan for a five-classroom structure to provide room for future expansion.

The motion to reconsider construction of a five-classroom building failed 2-3.

Emperor Elementary has the highest API score, 904, in the Temple City Unified School District.

In other matters, Temple City High School student Delilah Do succeed Adrian Chiang as the Student Board Member.

Herr Lichtunddunkel wrote this article. It was published in the August 22, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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